The Cloister Walk at Nazareth College

The Cloister Walk

Here’s a place I’ve remembered for many years. It connects buildings at Nazareth College. It’s beauty has endured as change has occurred around it. May we all be so lucky…

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  1. I just had the privilege of being a participant in a Chapel chat with Nazareth’s Chaplain Jamie Fazio and Dr. Susan Nowak, SSJ. along with two amazing students. I’ll get a chapel photo to post so the picture is complete. Very delightful experience …a Nazareth, SSJ love fest. Remembering the great women who started this gift of place…Names from the past…Mother Sylvester, Sister Eva Marie, Sister Raphael, Agnes Patricia, Josephine Louise, and so many more. And the joy of celebrating the SSJs who continue the mission…including Susan Nowak, Monica Weis, Barbara Lum, Donna DelSanto. It’s all good.

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