Life Shifts: Essays of Hope

A cancer diagnosis can bring with it massive uncertainty and fears that can be irrational and unfounded. Yet, as you will read, it also can bring new perspectives, hope and even renewal.In this collection of essays, cancer survivors and their caregivers share their experiences, answering the question, "What shifted for you when you or your loved one's received a diagnosis of cancer." The truths shared are poignant and powerful, from women and men, whose soul-lifting words bring solace, wisdom and hope.

From the Author
A "soft launch" for Life Shifts: Essays of Hope on November 17, 2019 included fifty contributors and supporters at Joey Bs on Elmwood Avenue.

It was the fulfillment of a dream of celebrating my own recovery and gathering stories of other's recoveries to give hope to those newly diagnosed. It's been ten years since my last treatment for Breast Cancer and living every day to the fullest includes this book of inspiring words from so many.

Those in attendance at the launch included: Mary Pluta, whose presence representing the Pluta family to whom the book is dedicated; my physician, Leslie Algase, MD who wrote the Foreward; Kitty Forbush, chemo nurse extraordinaire, who provided an afterword and the illustration for the Iris, a flower that symbolizes hope and faith. Additionally , neighbors and friends gathered in support and those women and men who contributed their story, going back in time to remember what shifted for them when they received a cancer diagnosis.

Books were presented to the contributors, Leslie Algace read the Foreward and Kitty Forbush, chemo nurse extraordinaire who sang The Rose, Wind Beneath My Wings, and Somewhere over the Rainbow. Closing words were given by Rev Peggy Meeker that brought solace to all. I was honored to have been Grand Marshall at Peggy's ordination while I was in chemo therapy.

Copies of Life Shifts books are being donated to newly diagnosed cancer patients at Pluta Cancer Center for the next year. Also, a portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to Pluta.

Additional copies are available through NFB publishing, Amazon or from Elizabeth Osta …

My gratitude runs deep and close to the center are the contributors and friends for time, trust and talent. As ever, the center of my heart is my husband, Dave Van Arsdale who makes so much possible in my life.