Maggie's Brood:
An Irish Immigrant's tale of tragedy, trauma, and triumph

Maggie's Brood was inspired by a family secret discovered by the author whose early childhood visits to her grandmother's idyllic farm in Lima, New York started her journey. Her search for the full story, years of listening and learning, has brought forth and illuminated a sparkling truth.

Maggie's emigration from County Cork in 1888 to New York City and ultimately to the Crossroads of Western New York has had reverberations well into the 21st century. Her choice to marry John Donegan and bear children was not unlike other Irish immigrants, its impact as she bore a dozen children making a difference in hundreds of lives.

Farming, tractors, fur buying and selling, teaching, learning, motor cars and religion all have a place in this emigrant tale that spans nearly one hundred years. As she plays the accordion she brought from Ireland, a gift from her mother, Maggie gives music and so much more to her children, showing a way through trauma to triumph.

As her children settle into careers, starting families of their own, Maggie continues to be a vital part of her community, savoring the riches of her life. With this story, the lessons of Maggie's years become a part of the fabric of the lives of her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great, grandchildren as they continue to discover the truths and treasures that had been brought to light after so many years.

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